AMSTERDAM WRITERS welcomes writers from diverse ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. Workshops are conducted in English, and typically include a mixture of native and non-native English speakers.

Matthew Curlewis

As a Senior Copywriter, Matthew has worked on international campaigns, both print and digital, for clients including Emirates, PUMA, Gucci, Heineken, Philips, Sony Computer Entertainment, Accenture, Macy’s and Comedy Central.

His writing has appeared in publications including The Guardian, Time Out, CODE, Fantastic Man & Blume Illustrated.

Matthew was both screenwriter and lead producer of Brilliance, a Netherlands, Poland, UK co-production short film that screened internationally at numerous film festivals, and is one of Eye International’s ‘Selected Dutch Shorts 2015’.

His feature screenplay ‘Breath of Life’ was shortlisted for a Sundance Sloan Foundation development grant. 

During 2020, Matthew was the Continuing Professional Development Coordinator for SENSE – Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands.

Qualifications and Writing samples

Matthew’s qualifications include certification as a workshop leader in the Amherst Writers and Artists method, Certificates in Screenwriting and Script Editing from the Binger Filmlab, and a BA in Cultural Criticism, Performance Studies & Interactive Technologies from New York University.

‘We take no risks at all’: a voice from the Spanish flu outbreak – published in the World & Australian editions of The Guardian.

5 Joys of Handwritten Letters to (Re)Experience in ‘New Normal’​ Times – vanquish Zoom fatigue through writing.

Adventures in the Screen Trade – a feature article about the Binger Filmlab, for Amsterdam Weekly.

The Missing Pages – an article about censorship of Ethel Turner’s classic, ‘Seven Little Australians’, for Blume Illustrated.


AMSTERDAM WRITERS draws from principles of the writing process movement first articulated by Peter Elbow and then codified into a certificate training programme by Pat Schneider at Amherst Writers and Artists in Amherst, Massachusets, USA.

Pat has been leading writing workshops for 25 years, and her AWA method is now used by workshop leaders across the United States and around the world.

Her book, Writing Alone and With Others (Oxford University Press), has been referred to by Oprah Winfrey as THE book for both aspiring and established writers to use for inspiration and support.

AmsterdamWriters location


Amsterdam Writers holds an office in the Beurs van Berlage, conveniently located between Dam Square and Central Station in Amsterdam. At times when the world is not experiencing pandemic lockdowns, some workshops are held at this space.

Presently however, workshops are only taking place online.