Not so Fast

Written from the workshop writing suggestion:
Make a list of some of the top things people fear in life. Use one of these fears as the starting place for a piece of writing.

by Jennifer Croft



Written from the writing suggestion:
Create a column of nouns. To the right of this create a column of adjectives. Make unlikely pairings by connecting lines between the two. Create a piece of work from some or all of these pairings.

Subsequently published in the book, ‘First there was a Word, then there was a Woman’.

by Anastasia Volkhovskaya


Inner Wrist

A taku (hybrid form of haiku invented by the poet Richard Price), written post-workshop.

by Ingrid Leonard


From ‘Letters to Eliza’

Written as one of a series of letters, developed in collaboration with a painter, then exhibited in numerous European locations.

by Anastasia Volkhovskaya