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Written from the writing suggestion:
Create a column of nouns. To the right of this create a column of adjectives. Make unlikely pairings by connecting lines between the two. Create a piece of work from some or all of these pairings.

Subsequently published in the book, ‘First there was a Word, then there was a Woman’.

by Anastasia Volkhovskaya

Made of suffocating expectations and stolen touches

her story is easy to tell –

it is one of a criminal, one of too many,

dashing around hotel rooms and gossiping restaurant corners.

Her story is yet another dotted line on the map,

another love letter crumbled to ashes,

another unpublished manuscript,

it is one of a thief who will always stay the poorest.

It is a song to be sung with an anguished voice,

a weeping secret to remain unshed,

an autumn leaf in the midst of the spring,

a dying bird sprawled on the pavement.

There is something about forbidden love –

its lingering smell, bleeding petals, lowered gazes,

there is something about being imprisoned

for no crime at all, or far too many.

First There Was a Word - Mistress

Artwork by Pavel Sizov: www.pavelsizov.com

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  1. Keli

    Stellar work there everyone. I’ll keep on reading.


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