From ‘Letters to Eliza’

Feb 28, 2014 | 0 comments

Written as one of a series of letters, developed in collaboration with a painter, then exhibited in numerous European locations.

by Anastasia Volkhovskaya


Have you forgotten that mirrors lie? They all lie, without exception, even those made with love, even those you try to smile at. Why are you standing in front of them? Why are you tightening all those corsets made of someone’s prejudices? If you choose to be reflected then look at the mountain rivers, whirling snowflakes and icicles hanging outside, children’s eyes with pupils bigger than the world. If you choose to look, then look inside yourself. There, millions lives deep, is all beauty that does not need false reflections. It is there and it is all yours. You are a well, Eliza, and in its bottom everything is unconditional. Look into it, fall, fly, be afraid of nothing. There is only love there.



Painting by Yana Fefelova


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