Jennifer Croft hails from Oregon, USA, and thought she left the rain behind until life brought her to the Netherlands in 2010. In between she found work, love and inspiration for writing in places like New York City, Washington DC, Bulgaria, and Kyrgyzstan. She and her husband live in The Hague, where she works for the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities.

Matthew Curlewis is a translocal, presently at home in the Netherlands. Other homes have included Sydney, rural Australia, Tokyo, Provincetown and New York City. Matthew runs Amsterdam Writers, writes original works and ad copy, consults with other writers, and creates the words and visuals for his husband’s business: In that role he is proud to have coined the verb: to ensparkle.

Nanneke van Drunen lives in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. After studies at the Tilburg Academy of Journalism and Communication and now working as a freelance copywriter and communication consultant, Nanneke’s days are filled with words. She loves to travel, enjoys blogging about those travels, and is currently pursuing her book-publishing dream by writing up interviews she makes with people about their passions.

 Whether she’s coaxing truthful stand out performances from actors or eliciting raw truths from real people, Kim Farrant‘s work is always about mining the depths of human behaviour. She is well known for her worldwide hit documentary ‘Naked On The Inside’ and for her series ‘What Men Really Think About’. In 2014 Kim is shooting her feature film ‘Strangerland’ starring Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving.

Originally from England, Molly Garris has lived and worked in a variety of countries for much of her life, including four years in Saudi Arabia. She holds qualifications in art studies, as well as a masters degree in film. Molly has also worked in psychiatry and obstetrics, professional fields that, in addition to her experiences in various cultures, inspire much of her writing.

Ingrid Leonard comes from Orkney, Scotland. She studied French and law at the University of Glasgow before work and life took her to foreign climes. She has lived in France, Peru, Japan and the Netherlands and currently lives in London. She loves writing poetry and is working on her first novel. She won a national writing competition at the age of 10 and is still trying to better that accolade.

p.j. nix – Currently working on her first novel about the Ladelbottom family.

Yasmin Sameh – “You know you’re passionate about something when you start doing it instinctively” – and that’s how I know I’m passionate about writing… I’m just a being who loves to read, write and hang out. I’m just a being who strongly believes in God, family, friendship, ambition, loyalty, patriotism, the power of words, smiling, gratitude and belief. I’m just a being who wishes to make a difference someday.  🙂
All time favourite quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Anastasia Volkhovskaya  Looking for my mission in life through my writing was a lengthy process, but after I finished my book ‘Letters to Eliza’ the mission appeared – ‘to soothe’. Through my writing I try to offer the help and comfort that every heart sometimes needs. I answer every reader and keep their letters close to me. ‘Letters to Eliza’, published in both Portugal and Russia, started my friendship and cooperation with Ukrainian illustrator Yana Fefelova and helped open the doors to children’s literature. I am now working on two children’s books and homeschooling my two sons while living in beautiful and mysterious Lisbon.